Heading into Split 2 of the 2017 OPL season, Abyss eSports Club is looking to recruit a Head Coach for our League of Legends team. As head coach of Abyss, you will liaise with the League of Legends players, teams and staff to optimise performance. You will be invited to stay at the teams Gaming House located in Stanhope Gardens, Sydney and requested to start immediately. We are looking for candidates with very strong coaching/sports/counselling backgrounds. Successful applicants must be willing to relocate to the Gaming House and comfortable enough to be shown on camera for OPL games.

Job Title: Head Coach
Location: Stanhope Gardens, Sydney

-Assist in the recruitment, training and selection of players for OPL League of Legends team.
-Recruit, train, communicate and evaluate volunteer coaches and analysts.
-Evaluate own and opponent team capabilities to determine appropriate game strategy.
-Supervise scrims, match play and practice environment at home.
-Understand all league rules and regulations, and assure compliance and consistency among staff and players.
-Monitor the overall health and condition of all players.
-Creates day-to-day schedule for the team and create a competitive atmosphere
-Oversee the direction of the team and implement in-game strategies.
-Ensure that the team succeeds in achieving its goals by providing the team with the necessary tools to improve.

Job Requirements
-A high-level understanding of League of Legends and its core components.
-The ability to recognise conflict and the necessary skills to resolve it.
-The capacity to work in a partnership with a co-coach and/or assistant coaches.
-The multitasking to quickly juggle multiple varied tasks during a typical work day.
-Excellent skills in Microsoft Office, Excel, and Google Applications.
-Good communication and social skills. Prompt with responses.

Application Process
Please write an application with no more than 2,000 words explaining:
-Your previous work experience (if applicable).
-Explain how the Abyss team could improve on their Split 1 performance.
-How you envision the head coach position.
-Why you are the best candidate for the job.

Please send the responses to In the subject line include “[Abyss Head Coach] Your Name”. If your subject line does not follow this format, your application will not be considered.

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