The team at Abyss Esports Club are excited to announce our title sponsorship with Acer’s gaming brand Predator. This partnership will give Abyss the opportunity to pursue further eSports opportunities both within the Oceanic region and globally. Abyss’ players and staff have been long time fans of Acer’s incredible products and are extremely excited to […]

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Summary Heading into Split 2 of the 2017 OPL season, Abyss eSports Club is looking to recruit a Head Coach for our League of Legends team. As head coach of Abyss, you will liaise with the League of Legends players, teams and staff to optimise performance. You will be invited to stay at the teams […]

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The Oceanic Pro League (OPL) Spring Regular Split 2017 has officially finished. The top five teams are now preparing themselves for the new gauntlet playoff format that will determine the OPL champions. The winner of which will then go on to represent Oceania internationally at the Mid- Season Invitational (MSI). The outcome of the OPL […]

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Today we announce the departure of our former League of Legends top laner Zach ‘Pacman’ Bayne. Pacman was one of the original members on the Abyss eSports Club OPL roster after being picked up upon our successful promotion into the Oceanic Pro League in mid 2016. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make as an […]

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Abyss eSports Club is excited to announce our newest member Dylan ‘DiDeDoG’ Chainski to our Paladins team. After our 3rd place finish in the Paladins World Championship, we are looking to build upon our success by finding more incredibly skilled players from the Oceanic region to join our roster. DiDeDog is one such player that we are […]

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