On the 19th of December, Riot Games Oceania announced that our League of Legends Mid Laner Carlo ‘Looch’ La Civita is banned from all competitive play for six months. This ban was announced after Riot Games discovered evidence that ‘Looch’ was actively boosting.

Abyss eSports Club does not condone boosting or any violation of the Terms of Service put forth by Riot Games. This announcement was a huge shock to the Management and Players of the League of Legends team. With only two weeks before the official roster must be submitted, we are now conducting extensive trials for a replacement.

Here is what Looch had to say regarding his ban: ‘I am deeply sorry for the harm I have caused to my team members and organisation. While my actions have significantly jeopardised my team’s success, I am confident that Abyss eSports Club will still have a very competitive split. I would like to apologise to all my fans and everyone who supports the club. I will have to live with my actions but I hope it will serve as a warning to all future and current players who think about boosting. The short-term gain is not worth risking your professional career over.’

If you are interested in trialing for the Mid Lane position for our League of Legends team, please contact us at management@abyss.gg
All applicants must meet the following requirements:
-17+ years of age and able to relocate to Sydney
-Competitive experience in the OPL or OCS
-Currently or were previously Challenger
-Available to start trialing immediately 

It is currently unknown if Looch will continue his professional career after his suspension has been served. We encourage all current and future players to learn from the mistakes made by our player and let it serve as a warning that Riot Games has zero tolerance for violations of the Terms of Service.

Official Riot Statement

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