Today we announce the departure of our former League of Legends top laner Zach ‘Pacman’ Bayne. Pacman was one of the original members on the Abyss eSports Club OPL roster after being picked up upon our successful¬†promotion into the Oceanic Pro League in mid 2016.
It was an incredibly difficult decision to make as an organisation and we were honored to have worked with such a dedicated and talented individual. The process of releasing Pacman from his contracts have begun and we encourage all teams to consider him for their teams. We wish Pacman the very best of luck for the future and have no doubt we will see him on the rift soon.

‘Lose a soldier, gain a soldier’ and that’s just what we have done. Joining the Abyss organisation for the second time is Jackson ‘Pabu’ Pavone. Previously the top laner for the Abyss Red OCS team that was promoted into the OPL, Pabu was unable to participate due to the age restriction on the League. Hungry to prove himself, Pabu will be a refreshing addition to the team as we look to secure our spot in the OPL and build towards a stronger 2017.

We encourage all of our fans to follow Pabu on twitter:

Don’t forget to tune into our match this week as we look to take on Avant Garde in Week 8 of the OPL. You can watch all the action on Sunday, 6pm @

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