Free to all our of our amazing fans, the Silver Membership is the first tier of our prestigious membership program!
With your physical membership card to show off in your wallet and a wristband to show off wherever you go, everyone will recognise your part in the growth of The Abyss!
Not only is there physical gear to own, but the virtual perks are a bonus! Official TeamSpeak Access with a Silver Tier Icon to show off your status, access to Members’ Only Giveaways and access to Abyss-Hosted Tournaments!

Silver Tier Benefits
Each person who signs up to our Silver Membership will get the following benefits:
– Silver Membership Card
– Access to Member TeamSpeak Rooms
– Silver Tier TeamSpeak Icon
– Access to Tournaments
– Wristbands
– Members Only Giveaways

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  • 5 out of 5
    jordon mcdowall

    yooo guys this is lit i will upgrade to gold soon 🙂 i wanna meet you guys but im not that rich 😉

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