Cheat Features


Abyss CSGO Aimbot has had over 1000 hours of work to produce something truely unrecognizable to overwatch spectators. You can destroy everything that stands before you and not raise any suspicions! At just the click of a button or key, our aimbot will kill all enemies without you having to aim whatsoever. Additionally, you can customize our aimbot for each weapon type which is super important when it comes to remaining undetected by overwatch and ranking up.


Aimbot FOV controls how far from your crosshair an enemy must be to be targeted by the aimbot. If you have a low FOV only enemies near your crosshair will be targeted by the aimbot, whereas, if you have a high FOV, even enemies behind you can be targeted by the aimbot.


The smooth slider allows you to control how quickly the aimbot will lock onto an enemy once you hold or press the aimbot key. If you have a high smoothing the aimbot will be virtual unrecognizable to anyone spectating you and will provide little assistance to your aim. A low smoothing will “speed up” the aimbot considerably and will give you huge advantage over your opponent. This is also known as “raging” or ragebot.

Keybind Selector

You can choose which key or mouse button will toggle the aimbot on and off. For example, you could select the ALT key as the keybind for the aimbot and when you hold the ALT key and fire your weapon, the aimbot will target the enemy.

Recoil Control

While using our aimbot you can also enable recoil control which will reduce the effects of recoil on weapons that suffer from high recoil. In the past it used to be possible to have no recoil (no-recoil) however nowadays we have to make do with recoil mitigation.

Switch After Kill

If you want to take down multiple enemies very quickly, enable this feature, the aimbot will then automatically target the next enemy after it makes the first kill. However, if you prefer to play legit, you may wish to disable this option as it can look quick suspicious if you wipe out a whole team just because your aim is that good and their heads all happen to line up close to each other.

Visibility Checks

Our CSGO aimbot contains visibility checking which ensures that enemies are only targeted if they are within view and not behind a wall. This is particularly useful for legit players who would be exposed if the aimbot were to target an enemy who is behind cover, a wall or a door.

Hitbox Selector

In our hack you customize which hitboxes are targeted by our aimbot, this is super important for legit players as not everybody wants constant headshots. With our hitbox selector you might wish to also target enemies necks or chests as well as their head. This is all possible with our aimbot.


The triggerbot for CSGO will fire your weapon automatically when your crosshair is aimed at an enemy. This is useful for “1 tapping” enemies on the dome or strafing across their body with a sniper and firing 1 bullet as soon as it will make a kill. This is a particularly deadly feature when used well and can be hard to detect by spectators when used correctly. Our triggerbot for CSGO can be customized for each weapon type independently allowing for a high level of customization.

Keybind Selector

You can toggle which key or mouse button will enable and disable the triggerbot while in game, this means you can use it for some kills and not for others.

Triggerbot Delay

With some weapons you might want to add a delay to the triggerbot so that your weapon does not fire the moment you aim at the enemy but perhaps a split second or two later. This fits with our legit cheat model as it can considerably reduce the amount of suspicions that spectators might have while viewing your gameplay.


Our triggerbot for CSGO has overburst which is a very useful feature to appear legit in matchmaking and other game modes where you want to remain undetected. You can select if you want the triggerbot to fire 1,2,3 or 4 bullets everytime your crosshair hits the opponent. This is means that your triggerbot does not only ever fire just 1 bullet and tends to look less suspicious on certain weapons.


Wallhacks for CSGO give you a huge advantage in game displaying vital locations on your screen such as enemy, bomb and weapon information. Additionally we have other visual hacks such as radar hacks and wall hacks.

Glow ESP

Our Glow wall hack will put a colored glow around enemy players and weapons on the ground even when they are behind walls, doors or cover. This is one of the most sought after wall hacks in CSGO.

Chams ESP

Chams is probably one of the best looking CSGO wallhacks, its changes the texture of enemy players and you can choose between 2D and 3D chams. We also offer a very important feature for legit players and that is “visible only chams” which is more like a visual aid than a wall hack. visible only ESP will essentially alert you to enemy locations by changing their color to a bright one, however, it wont display enemies who are hidden which really helps to keep your gameplay looking legit and undetected to spectators and overwatch.


Box ESP is a CSGO cheat that will draw a box around enemy players and is visible even when they are behind walls.

Name ESP

This feature of our hack will show you players names enemies so you know where the top fraggers are and you can target those players first to make the all important kill.

Health ESP

Did you want to know the health of your enemies? Well now you can on the fly with our health bar. Our health ESP wallhack will display how close to death an enemy is while you are engaged in battle.

Weapon ESP

CSGO weapon ESP is important if you want to find locate AK47, AWP or any other expensive weapon that may be laying on the ground nearby. This wall hack will alert you to their location so you can pick them up and use them for the remainder of the round.

Bone ESP

Otherwise known as Skeleton ESP or Skeleton wallhack, Bone ESP will draw a line along all the major enemy bones creating a “skeleton like” wallhack. This does not offer much advantage over glow esp or chams, however, some players enjoy bone ESP so we include it in our cheat.

Colour Selector

Our wall hacks and ESP would not be complete without offering a color selection tool for changing the colors on every aspect of our in game visuals. You can choose your favorite colors for glow or chams and you can even choose a different color for enemies who are behind cover, this is particularly useful if you don’t want to “prefire” enemies while they are behind cover. By using the color selector you can now go undetected for longer by overwatch.

Inventory Changer

Have you ever wondered what its like to try out your favorite skin, knife or gloves in CSGO but simply don’t have the spare cash to buy them? Well fear not, by using you can now hack the living f**k out of your inventory and try all these items in game, without owning them in your inventory.

Skin Changer skin changer is one of the best features you could as for in a csgo hack. It allows you to change the skins on your weapon in game at just the click of a button. No longer do you need to own the skin in your inventory, you can now finally use a Dragon Lore or Asiimov in matchmaking.

Knife Changer

Similar to our skin changer, the knife changer in our CSGO cheat enables you to switch the default knife to any knife in CSGO while in game. Additionally it will enable you to add a skin to the knife as well. You can try the rarest knife with the rarest skin while in matchmaking or any game mode in CSGO.

Glove Changer

To round off the inventory hack, while using Abyss CSGO cheats you can change your gloves while in game to any gloves that CSGO has to offer without owning them in your inventory. This feature proves very popular as a decent pair of gloves are not cheap to buy.


As well as our aimbot, visuals and inventory changing features, we also provide many other features in our cheat which may be of great use to you.

Rank Revealer

Rank revealer in CSGO in a great feature for revealing the ranks of enemy players before and during matchmaking. Traditionally in CSGO you wont see enemy ranks until after the match is finished but while using our cheat those days are over!

Spectator List

Our spectator list or spectator ESP as its sometimes known is a feature that allows you to see which players are spectating you while you are the last player alive. This is useful as you might wish to change up your playstyle if you know you are being spectated by other players.

Enemy Radar

Pure and simple, the CSGO radar hack will show enemy positions on the radar even if your ESP is disabled.


Backtracking in CSGO is particularly popular in 2019. CSGO backtracking allows you to kill the enemy in the position they were previously in by exploiting lag compensation in CSGO.

Auto Pistol

Auto pistol allows all single fire pistol weapons to become fully automatic by simply holding down the fire key while this feature is enabled.


Bunnyhop allows you to make tick perfect jumps across the map, jump after jump. Typically you would be lucky to make 2 jumps in succession without taking a step in between, however, with our bunnyhop cheat you can do this infinitely.

C4 Timer

C4 timer provides a simple timer on your screen to alert you to how much time you have left to diffuse the bomb.

No Flash

Fairly self explanatory this one, it will hide the effects of flashbangs from your screen.

Hide Scope

Also self explanatory, this feature will hide the scope on snipers allowing for a wider field of view while ADS (aiming down the sights) of a sniper rifle.

Recoil Crosshair

This feature will paint a crosshair on your screen, however it will be the true crosshair position, even while spraying with a fully automatic weapon. This can help to learn spray patterns for weapons and aid you in keeping your crosshair dead center.

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