Abyss.gg’s Software Refund Principles

Thank you for choosing Abyss.gg. We acknowledge that sometimes things don’t go as planned, and we’re ready to assist. Here’s a detailed look at our refund principles.

1. Stance on Software Purchase:

Typically, we consider all software sales as final and non-refundable. However, if you identify an unresolvable flaw in our software, we make an exception.

2. Tackling Concerns:

If a glitch appears in our software, please inform us immediately. Details, like error messages or screenshots, can expedite the process. We’ll then quickly determine whether we can’t resolve the problem and if it originates from our end.

3. Commitment to Verified Issues:

Once we verify an insurmountable issue in our software, we’ll process a refund upon your request. Importantly, we’ll issue this refund through the original payment method you used, and only for the particular software with the verified problem.

4. Refund Boundaries:

However, let’s clarify situations where we don’t offer refunds:

  • Account Limitations: If an external platform restricts or bans your account or software use, we won’t be able to issue a refund. It’s essential that you understand and adhere to these third-party regulations and acknowledge potential risks.
  • Re-evaluations: If you merely decide that our software isn’t for you anymore, we can’t provide a refund. We encourage you to ensure that our software meets your needs and is compatible with your system before purchasing.

5. Your Role in the Process:

When purchasing, you also acknowledge your responsibility regarding software compatibility and adherence to platform regulations. Any consequences stemming from our software’s use, such as bans or restrictions, fall squarely on you.

We consistently aim to deliver top-notch software and address any challenges you might face. We hope you respect and understand our refund principles, crafted with the goal of treating all customers fairly. And remember, if you have any questions or require help, our dedicated support team stands ready to assist.

Lastly, we’d like to remind you that we might update this refund policy without prior notification. Hence, we recommend regularly checking this section for the latest updates.